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A "skin.xml" file contains a list of controls, which defines the specific behavior of each graphical user interface element that is displayed on the HMI's display screen. There are currently two types of controls available in SIK: Labels and Picture Boxes.

Control - Label

Labels are how text is displayed within SIK. They are highlighted in a yellow mesh.


  • Type - Denotes the type of control

  • ID - Defines a specific, non-duplicated, name to this type of control

  • Bounds - Denotes the location and size of the control

  • Fontclass - Sets the label's font type class that will be used by the label

  • Text - Text that will appear in the label if it is not left blank

  • Animation - There are currently 2 types of animations available and they are described below:

    • None → A static text will appear as defined in the "Text" property

    • TellTale → The label will react to the value set in the "ttonval" property

  • Decimals - Defines the number of decimal places to display for the data

  • Signal - CAN signal that will be displayed by the label

  • Digitalin - Digital input that will be used by the label

Control - Picture Box

Picture boxes are how images are shown within SIK. They are highlighted in a green mesh.