Studio Interface Kit (SIK)

The Studio Interface Kit (SIK) is a software tool designed to craft and customize digital interfaces for Andromeda's products. It enables engineers and designers to either develop new visual designs or modify existing ones for programming into our devices.

Below is a table of contents to guide you through the instructional pages of SIK.

Click on the image below or LINK to download the latest version:


The Studio interface Kit is comprised of 6 main sections and windows.

Images Window

All images that are declared within a skin's graphic are listed in this window. You can add images into your skin graphic from the "Skin" toolbar menu

Fonts Window

All available fonts that are declared are listed in this window. Manipulating font sizes and colors are acceptable through global fonts declared in the skin's graphic. Font types are limited and dependent on supported font types on the HMI display.

Toolbox Windows

All skin controls (e.g., Labels and Picture Boxes) that are available to use within SIK are listed in this window. You can drag and drop any skin control directly onto a skin's graphic.

View Windows

When any screen is selected, it is shown in this window. If there are multiple screens opened they will show up as tabs with their name type as the header.

Solutions Explorer Window

A breakdown of all the controls contained within a skin graphic are presented here.

Properties Window

The properties of any individual control label or picture box are presented here when selected.